SW Manager TrainingㆍConsulting

Introduction of training·consulting

Main Content
  • Strengthen copyright awareness on software use through training and consulting for software engineers nationwide
  • Prevention of software copyright disputes and proper use of environment through training and consulting
  • Diagnosis of illegal software infringement through training and consulting and improvement of use environment
  • Describe the actual status of copyright infringement and type description, related laws, penal clauses and penal cases
  • Guide to efficient software asset management through the necessity of software management and how to use software inspection tool


Understanding of SW asset management

  • Definition, purpose, needs of SW management
  • Expected effects of SW management

Understanding of SW license

  • Definition of SW license
  • Understanding of SW license

Understanding of Font License

  • Definition, kinds, copyright ability of the font
  • Font file license, management of font

Usage of SW inspection tool

  • Prevention of illegal SW using inspection tool
  • Using inspection tool to manage SW

Training·Consulting effects

Main Content
  • Prevention of copyright by effective SW asset management
  • Systematic SW management method using inspection tool
  • Enhance copyright awareness through understanding software and font licenses
  • Disposal of illegal SW by SW inspection
  • Reducing purchasing budget by use of substitute

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