Create a sound copyright ecosystem by collecting, disposing, and deleting illegal copies based on Article 133 of the Copyright Act, and supporting copyright infringement investigations and crackdowns by the Special Judicial Police of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Collection, Disposal and Deletion of Pirated Contents

Main Content
  • Special crackdown of pirated contents distribution for major points nationwide by genre such as music, video, publishing, character, game, etc
  • Distribution of promotional materials for awareness of copyright, such as a stall market for living
  • Employ elder supervisor over 60 years of age, preventing pirating and regularly monitoring the prevention of distribution bases and strengthens regular monitoring system.
  • Support special juridical polices with online and offline information gathering activities for large-scale copyright infringement investigation.

Type of Pirated Contents Crackdowns

Div Contents Photo
All-time crackdowns for major distribution points in the country
  • All-time crackdowns for profit or habitual infringement points to protect copyright
  • Recognition and prevention of infringements in small-scale stalls that are run for living
전국 주요유통검점 상시단속 사진
Strengthening of Special Crackdown
for genres, periods, regions
  • Special Crackdown for music, video, publishing, character, etc. in major infringement points
  • - Cooperate with related organizations such as Korea Customs Service
장르별,시기별,지역별 특별 단속강화 사진
Cooperative Crackdown with Special Judicial Police
  • Support on-site work and technology for large-scale pirated contents production and distributor investigation
  • Distribution channel monitoring such as websites, SNS
  • Collecting on-site information of offline distribution
특별사법경찰과 합동단속 사진

System Chart of Enforcement Nationwide

System Chart of Enforcement Nationwide

Korea Copyright Protection Agency

  • Seoul Team(Metropolitan, Gangwon-do, Sejong-si (Daejeon-si))
  • Gwangju Team(Gwangju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Jeollanam-do, Chungcheongnam-do)
  • Daegu Team (Daegu-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Chungcheongbuk-do)
  • Busan Team(Busan, Ulsan, Gyeongsangnam-do)

Procedure of Pirated Contents Crackdowns

Procedure of Pirated Contents Crackdowns

  1. 1. Receive report and site investigation

  2. 2. Default notification and writing, exchanging of collection confirmation

  3. 3. Notify the objection procedures and collect, transfer pirated contents

  4. 4. Save pirated contents

  5. 5. Termination of storage period·disposal