"We promise to protect copyright by communication and innovation."

Welcome to Korea Copyright Protection Agency.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced the copyright vision 2030, "The Three Powerful Innovation Strategies in the Content Industry," as "a copyright powerhouse where culture becomes an economy." In particular, in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the importance of copyright is increasing as the basis of economic growth, and it is time to strengthen the protection of copyrights for Hallyu content.

It is no wonder that the Hallyu, which is spreading beyond the Asian region and spreading to the world, is leading the world's culture from Psy's Gangnam style to the current BTS and movie parasites. It is said to be wonderful, but the Korean Copyright Protection Agency has many tasks. This is because copyright protection creates a virtuous cycle in the cultural contents industry that will lead Korea's future economy.

To this end, the Protection Agency will strengthen internal and external communication while increasing international cooperation to protect overseas copyrights. At the same time, we support the development of the cultural content industry in Korea, which is becoming increasingly global, and promote the spread of the Hallyu. Therefore, we will make efforts to enhance the status of the Korea Copyright Protection Agency as a leading agency for worldwide copyright protection.

We thank you for your interest and encouragements.
Best Regards.

Park Joo Hwan