Analysis of distribution environment of copyrighted works due to changes in copyright environment and promote copyright protection system activities to spread a new culture.

Investigation on pirated contents distribution status

Issue copyright protection report
  • Provision of reliable data through investigation, research and in-depth analysis of copyright protection environment
  • 2017 저작권 보호 연차보고서

    [Copyright Protection Annual Report]

    • Investigation on distribution status of pirated contents and market size
    • Analysis of economic impact due to reduction of pirated contents
  • 해외 저작권 보호 동향

    [Overseas Copyright Protection Trends]

    • Investigation on trends in overseas countries with copyright protection policies, laws, institutions, organizations, budgets, and technologies
    • Expert contribution to overseas copyright protection issues
  • 저작권 보호 통계 전문지 ‘C STORY

    [Copyright Protection Statistics 'C STORY']

    • Main issues and information on copyright protection, up-to-date copyright protection activities and expert contributions
    • On-line and off-line pirated contents crackdowns statistics


    • Copyright protection magazine (English version)
    • Special contributions by experts, copyright protection issues, copyright protection statistics, etc.

Copyright protection activities

Genuine Classroom
  • We are creating a culture of copyright protection by operating participatory copyright protection education for elementary school students and creating an atmosphere where they learn from an early age the awareness of copyright protection, which is the basis of creation.
정품이 흐르는 교실 사진

Genuine Classroom

정품 캐릭터 사용 캠페인 사진

Genuine Character Use Campaign

SW Industry Protection Award
  • In order to spread awareness of genuine software usage culture and copyright protection, the 'SW Industry Protection Award' is awarded to organizations and companies that have contributed to the protection and growth of the software industry, and we are striving to protect Korean software technology and copyright.
제25회 저작권 열린포럼(여주대학교)

The 25th copyright open forum (Yeoju Institute of Technology)

제26회 저작권 열린 포럼(동아방송예술대학교)사진

The 26th copyright open forum (Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts)

Copyright-related organization campaign operation
  • We are conducting public relations collaborations with copyright-related cooperative groups and organizations and conducting campaigns to strengthen awareness of copyright protection.