Establishment of countermeasures against pirated contents by monitoring online distribution channels of pirated contents and build a sound contents distribution environment.

Home Monitoring

  • Always monitoring general and special type of Online Service Providers (OSP) domestic and overseas with Online monitoring Group
  • Support disabled people, career-interrupted women, multicultural families, and the poverty by employing those for home monitoring group

Online piracy at-home monitoring service

Copyright infringement site monitoring training

System Monitoring

  • Automatic monitoring of online sites such as web hard through the illegal reproduction tracking and management system (ICOP)
  • Support to take follow-up measures by securing the content of posts and screen capture images as evidence
  • For urgent response works, compare and search the collected post information and send the results to the general situation room (notification of infringement)
24-hour automatic monitoring
  • Automatic Monitoring

    Automatically detect illegal copies of web hard and collect data in 3 steps

  • system linkage

    The identified information is matched with the work DB
    It is linked to the review system.

  • Monitor information management

    Real-time statistics and weight data reports can be viewed in the central management system, and administrative actions and investigations are supported.

  • Identification of piracy

    The collected data identifies information based on text and feature points.