Build a online/offline control tower system to respond to copyright infringement by unification of related organizations cooperation system

Copyright Infringement Comprehensive Response System

Establishment and Operation of Integrated Control & Observation Platform

Establishment of a 24-hour, 365-day countermeasures system to secure the golden time by real-time monitoring and quick response to infringement

Main Function
  • Support for automatic collection of public data-linked work information and use of copyright protection
  • Integrated management of music, film, broadcasting, publishing, game, cartoon, and software infringement information and real-time analysis of habitual infringers
  • Real-time provision of copyright protection statistics information between distributed and heterogeneous systems
Implementation System
  • Prevention (guidance) → exposure (reporting, telecommuter, system) → analysis (verification and confirmation of information) → action (information provision to the right holder, public-private cooperation, corrective recommendation, blocking of access, cooperation with investigation etc.)