- Establish a control tower system to respond to online and offline copyright infringement by analyzing copyright infringement environments and unifying cooperative systems with relevant institutions

Response Systems against Copyright Infringement

Establishment and operation of the Integrated Control & Observation Platform (ICOP)

Establish a year-round, round-the-clock regular response system against cases of infringement for the ICOP to serve as a control tower, monitoring situations in real time and taking sufficiently swift action to secure the golden hour in responding to infringement

Key functions
  • Support the automatic collection of information on copyrighted works linked by public data and the use of works under copyright protection
  • Ensure integrated management of infringement information on music, films, broadcasts, publications, games, cartoons and software, and analyze repeat offenders in real time
Implementation system
  • Organically link the following phases: prevention (guidance) → identification (reporting, telecommuters and systems) → analysis (verification and confirmation of information) → action (provision of information to copyright holders, public-private cooperation, recommendation of correction, site blocking, cooperative investigations, etc.)

Support Projects for Copyright Protection Technologies for the Korean Wave Content

Support for the adoption of copyright protection technologies to prevent the online distribution of illegal reproductions

Recipients eligible for support
  • Content production and distribution companies in Korea that wish to adopt copyright protection technologies (priority support for small- and medium-sized companies)
Fields eligible for support
  • Content fields including videos, cartoons, webtoons, animations, music, games and online performances
Technology eligible for support
  • Support for the adoption and application of external technologies including watermarking, forensic marking, DRM (digital right management) and filtering, or development of self-developed protection technologies
Supporting expenses
  • Government grants (90 percent) + contribution by a recipient company (10 percent)