"We promise to protect copyright by communication and innovation."

Welcome to Korea Copyright Protection Agency.


These days, copyright is more valued on the national industrial level, beyond the problem of protection of the rights of individual creators.

Through protecting copyright, Korea Copyright Protection Agency aims to support the development of cultural contents industry in Korea and spreading of Hallyu.

To this end, the Company will make every effort to increase its role, such as cultivating professionalism, strengthening communication with all levels in society, creating timely policy alternatives, expanding international cooperation, and establishing an innovative copyright protection system.

We thank you for your interest and encouragements.

Best Regards.

Profile Summary
  • 2017    First Director of Korea Copyright Protection Agency
  • 2014    Chief of Cultural Content Industry, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • 2011    Director of International Economy Bureau, Ministry of Strategy and Finance
  • 1997    Ph. D in Economics, Oregon State University
  • 1984    Passed 28th Administration Examinations (Finance and Economy)
  • 1983    Bachelor of Economics, Seoul National University

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