International Cooperation


Discuss international cooperation through exchange of information on copyright protection policy, legal system and technology.

International Copyright Technology Conference (ICOTEC)

Event Overview
  • Event Overview
    • Korean Title : 국제 저작권 기술 콘퍼런스
    • English Title: International Copyright Technology Conference (ICOTEC)
  • Purpose : To establish a place for international exchange and cooperation of copyright technology
  • Sponsorship·cooperation : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Organized by : Korea Copyright Protection Agency·Korea Copyright Commission
Main Content
  • Introduction of domestic and foreign copyright technology, operation of exchange and cooperation program, composition of programs focusing on the latest copyright technology issues
    • Introduction of efforts for copyright protection and government policies in foreign countries
    • Share tips such as copyright management of overseas contents companies
    • Support and cooperation plans for domestic and foreign copyright technology
국제 저작권 기술 콘퍼런스(ICOTEC) 사진
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International Copyright Workforce Workshop

Event Overview
  • Title of the event
    • Korean title : 국제 저작권 보호인력 워크숍
    • English title : WIPO-MCST-KCOPA Interregional Workshop on Copyright Enforcement
  • Purpose : To establish a cooperative system with copyright protection authorities in each country to secure the execution power for Hallyu contents protection
  • Organized by : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) / Korea Copyright Protection Agency, Korea Copyright Committee
  • Participants : Officials and judges of copyright in developing countries, WIPO officials, overseas experts, etc.
Main Content
  • Introduce domestic and foreign copyright laws and policies, education of copyright protection technology, visiting to related organizations, etc.
    • Exchange of domestic and foreign copyright laws, policies and international issues
    • Sharing countermeasures against domestic copyright infringement
    • Discussing plans for overseas copyright enforcement and cooperation
    • On-the-job training through visits to copyright related agencies
국제 저작권 보호인력 워크숍 사진