Integrated Control & Observation Platform


Build a online/offline control tower system to respond to copyright infringement by unification of related organizations cooperation system

Copyright Infringement Comprehensive Response System

Establishment and Operation of Integrated Control & Observation Platform
  • Establishment of a 24-hour, 365-day countermeasures system to secure the golden time by real-time monitoring and quick response to infringement

종합상황실 사진

Main Function
  • Integrated management and utilization of copyright infringing website's life cycle (created → in operations → change → closed)
  • Apply standardization of copyrighted work Meta Database (work title, owner, related owner, other information, etc.)
  • Use collected various infringement information in Big Data as material for analysis and prediction
  • Provide real-time, copyright protected statistical information between disparate heterogeneous systems.
  • Provide notification function of infringement for emergency response work (killer content)
  • Provide requested customized information such as prosecutors, police, special judicial police, right holder or reporter.
Implementation System
  • Prevention (guidance) → exposure (reporting, telecommuter, system) → analysis (verification and confirmation of information) → action (information provision to the right holder, public-private cooperation, corrective recommendation, blocking of access, cooperation with investigation etc.)

긴급대응저작물 예방 및 보호체계

긴급대응저작물 예방 및 보호체계


  1. 침해예방
    • 긴급대응 저작물 선정 및 침해예방
    • 국내 OSP
  2. 최초적발
    • 재택근무자
    • 불법복제물 추적관리시스템
    • 온라인 불법복제물 유통분석 시스템
    • 민원 신고
  3. 침해분석
    • <저작물DB 통합>사이트, 업로더, 저작물, 저작권자, 진위여부 확인
    • 상습·반복침해자 계정관리
    • 특사경(수사)
  4. 긴급대응
    • 국내침해
    • 해외침해
    • 시정권고 자료수집
    • 접속차단 자료수집
    • 최초적발 안내
    • 저작권자
    • 국내 OSP
    • 해외 OSP