Creation of a sound copyright ecosystem through copyright OK designation, education, and consulting for creators, distributors, and users

Copyright OK Designation Mark Introduction

  • Reassurance of copyright protection KEY!
  • The key symbolizes the activation of a healthy copyright ecosystem for the distribution, use, safety, and activation of copyright protection, and is a mark that confirms that the content can be used safely and soundly by all.
저작권 안심[국문]

Copyright OK[Korean]

Copyright OK[영문]

Copyright OK[English]

  • Copyright OK The symbol logo and related forms are core elements of identity, and the shape, such as color or proportion, should not be arbitrarily changed.

Copyright OK designation system

Main Content
  • 'Copyright OK' is a project to create a sound virtuous circle of copyrights ecosystem that encourages the sale and use of legal works by designating businesses that sell, distribute or use genuine content as 'Copyright OK'.
  • 'Copyright safety' refers to a service (platform) that distributes and uses legal works primarily for the purpose of allowing domestic users to use them, and is a service designated by the Protection Agency.
  • 'Copyright OK' is a service (platform) that distributes and uses legal works primarily for the purpose of allowing foreign users to use it, and refers to a service designated by the Protection Agency.
Requirements for Copyright OK designation
  • Services for distributing and using legal works
  • Businesses (organizations) with domestic business registrations
  • Services to confirm the sale and use of legal works
  • Service started more than 3 months ago as of the application date
Copyright OK designation benefits
  • Provide professional and customized consulting for designated and preliminary designated agents
    - Providing visiting copyright management consulting
    - Free legal advice in case of domestic copyright litigation
  • Free training for designated and prospective designees
  • Support for revitalization of designated company business
    - Introduction of designated companies through newsletters, event information, etc.
    - Regular publicity using various media and SNS blogs
    - Designated company-related events, etc.
How to apply for Copyright OK
  • How to apply
    - Online application: Homepage → Copyright OK → ‘Application for Designation’
    - Email and fax application: Fill out the required documents and send email and fax
    • E-mail address:
    • Fax number: 02-3153-2719
    - Batch application is possible when there are several services operated by the company
  • Required documents for designation application
    - 1 copy of the application form (only for fax and e-mail applications)
    - 1 copy of confirmation and report
    - 1 copy of business registration and identification number
Copyright OK​ designation procedure
  • Designation validity period: 2 years from the final designation date
  • Inquiries regarding application for Copyright OK designation
    ※ E-mail: / Extension: 02-3153-2724

Copyright OK designation and designation mark

When you become a designated company, you will be given a copyright OK designation, a designated mark, and a designated signboard.

Online service: designation letter, designation mark

온라인 서비스
  • - Designation mark is given only to online service designation companies.
  • - Designators must attach a mark at the bottom of the homepage and at the bottom of the mobile app.

Offline service: designation letter, designation signboard

오프라인 서비스
  • - Designated signboards are given only to those designated for offline service.
  • - Designators must attach a signboard inside or outside the store.