Establishment of intelligent copyright protection system utilizing latest technology such as copyright protection law, strategy, policy research and artificial intelligence according to the advent of 4th industrial revolution and research on practical protection technology

Copyright Protection System and Research on Future Policy

Research on legal system and protection system according to copyright environment change
  • Prepare procedures and amendments to cope with domestic and overseas copyright infringement issues
  • Prepare an amendment to the Copyright Act for crackdown of copyright infringement
Future Policy Study for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Investigate international trends in copyright protection; establish countermeasures against laws of foreign countries that infringe copyright of Hallyu.
  • Establish cooperation system with domestic and international organizations and research institutes, organizations, and conferences related to copyright protection.

Research and Development of Next Generation Copyright Protection Technology

Develop Intelligent Copyright Protection Technology Using Latest Technologies Such As Artificial Intelligence
  • Development of protection technology to detect pirated contents and prevent infringement by utilizing artificial intelligence technology such as deep learning and machine learning.
Study of Protection Technology for Prevention of Copyright Infringement
  • Study on copyright protection technology using big data and block chain

Establishment of Copyright Protection Technology Cooperation System

Advisory Committee Composed of Experts from Industry, University and Institutes
  • Consultation on feasibility of technology and on research direction
  • Issue reports including topics on various aspects of video protection
Establishment of Information Exchange and Cooperation System on Protection Technology
  • Exchange of technical information and trend survey on copyright protection issues
  • Establishment of platform for domestic and overseas protection technology cooperation and sharing countermeasures against infringement