The symbol mark symbolizes the purpose of Korea Copyright Protection Agency to become a control tower for copyright protection and re-establish the value of copyright and to promote the correct application of copyright protection in productions and distributions. And it also symbolizes the agency's roles to compose an ecosystem for copyright protection and encourage people's voluntary monitoring by improving the domestic and foreign copyright protection system.

Intention in Design

Symbolizing the C for copyright with the rhombus indicates strong willingness to protect the value of the copyright. The cross lines in the rhombus indicates a willingness to take active and fair responses to illegal copyright distribution. Blue Color symbolizes an effective and smart copyright protection system, symbolizing the leading role of all citizens in creating copyright and protection ecosystem, which is the major purpose of copyright monitoring.


  • 스카이블루

    Sky Blue color symbolizes a bright, transparent and positive future of copyright distribution.

  • 다크블루

    Dark Blue color symbolizes the role and capability of the Korea Copyright Protection Agency to lead a reliable and fair copyright distribution culture through an efficient and smart copyright protection ecosystem.

Symbol mark

한국저작권보호원 심볼마크
  • A portion surrounded by a large circle

    It symbolizes the effective copyright protection system.

  • Triangular part

    As an agency dealing with illegal distribution of copyright, it symbolizes strict standards, strong intervention and swift responses.

  • Symbolizes a smart copyright protection ecosystem

    It symbolizes copyright and contents monitoring based on an effective copyright protection system.

  • A part expressed in a shape of C

    The letter C for Copyright symbolizes the value of copyright.

  • Rhombus and concentrated cross lines

    It symbolizes strict standards and strong intervention for active and fair responses to illegal copyright distribution.

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