Designation of Copyright OK


Creation of a sound copyright ecosystem through copyright OK designation, education, and consulting for creators, distributors, and users

Copyright OK designation system

Main Content
  • Grant the 'copyright OK' designation mark to companies, organizations that sell, distribute or use legitimate works on-line or off-line

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저작권OK 지정 현판

Copyright OK board

Procedure of designation
  • Application : Complete and submit required documents through copyright OK website
  • Evaluation : Evaluation through documents and inspection (website review, local inspection)
  • Designation : After evaluation, results notification, grant of designation certificate, designation mark, designation board
  • Re-designation : Re-designation before/after the validity period (2 years) goes through reviewing before and renewal.
Copyright OK Homepage Operation
  • Copyright OK business introduction and promotion
  • Online application channel for Copyright OK designation
  • Provision of self-diagnosis service for Copyright OK preliminary designation companies
  • Designated companies Management and additional services such as consulting and expert consulting
  • Introduction of Copyright OK designator and provide legitimate copyright information

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Copyright OK homepage

저작권OK 지정 자가진단 서비스

Copyright OK designated self-diagnosis service

Consulting for fair use of copyright and prevention of infringement

Main Contents
  • Educational, professional consulting, customized consulting is provided for Copyright OK designated or to be designated companies
Field of consulting : Total 5 fields
  • Consultation on fair use of copyright, contract and fair trade, public works management, content export and distribution, forensics and software
How to apply
  • Tel : 1588-0190
  • Email :

Promotion support for CopyrightOK designated companies

Operation of CopyrightOK Reporters

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Welcoming Ceremony of CopyrightOK Reporters

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Blog promotion by CopyrightOK Reporters (online)

부천국제만화축제 참가 저작권OK 홍보(오프라인)

CopyrightOK promotion at Bucheon International Comics Festival (offline)