Scientific Investigation on Digital Copyright Infringement


Perform objective analysis of digital evidence in accordance with intelligence and diversification of digital copyright infringement crimes and promote scientific and advanced investigation methods.

Cooperation of scientific Investigation on Digital Copyright Infringement

Main Contents
  • Private juridical police, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism cooperates to deal with digital copyright infringement crime

* What is Digital Copyright Infringement Forensics?

A series of processes for investigating, collecting, transferring, storing, analyzing and reporting on standardized procedures and methods to ensure that the data possess the legal capacity as digital evidence for digital storage devices of copyright infringement cases.

Procedures of Digital Forensics

디지털 포렌식 절차 흐름도

  • Advance investigation
    • Case identification
    • Collection of data such as screen capture of copyright infringement
    • Server location
  • Collect digital evidence
    • Select objects to confiscate
    • Disc duplication and imaging
    • Dump database
    • Prepare Hash certificate
  • Transmit digital evidence
    • Packaging preventing electromagnetic wave and shock
    • Seal and transfer the digital evidence
  • Analysis of digital evidence
    • Data recovery
    • Database analysis
    • Source code analysis
    • Investigation of log, timeline
  • Report digital evidence
    • Review the investigation process
    • Verification of investigation results
    • Calculate copyright Infringement criminal proceeds
    • Prepare analysis report
  • Dispose Digital Evidence
    • Return digital storage and dispose
    • Wiping the hard disk and memory
Supportive Range of Digital Forensics
Special Type OSP Internet Cafe or Book Scan Streaming Link Website Other Supports
Webhard·P2P Torrent Mobile Webhard
  • Distribution status of non-affiliated copyrighted works
  • Compliance of the technical actions
  • Scam/fraud history
  • SW crack heavy uploader survey
  • Upload status of sharing information file
  • Distribution status of pirated contents
  • Copyright infringement as a non-affiliated work file: Encoding, streaming history
  • Unauthorized sharing of works in internet cafe
  • Illegal scanned book, unauthorized text sharing
  • Ads status of streaming link website
  • Investigate the source of the streaming links
  • Inspect the special type OSP
  • Investigate the heavy uploader
  • Multi entertainment room, illegal modification game, R4 chip