Online Monitoring


Establishment of countermeasures against pirated contents by monitoring online distribution channels of pirated contents and build a sound contents distribution environment.

Online Pirated Contents Monitoring

Home Monitoring
  • Always monitoring general and special type of Online Service Providers (OSP) domestic and overseas with Online monitoring Group
  • Support disabled people, career-interrupted women, multicultural families, and the poverty by employing those for home monitoring group

저작권 침해 사이트 모니터링을 위한 교육 사진

2017 Copyright Monitoring Group initiation ceremony

2017 저작권 지킴이 발대식 사진

2017 Education on Copyright Infringement websites

Automatic Monitoring System
  • Automatically monitoring of websites such as Webhard via Illegal Copyrights Obstruction Program (ICOP)
  • Providing evidences of the posted illegal contents to be used in follow-up actions
  • Transmitting comparison results of the illegally posted contents and the collected information to all-source situation room for emergency response works (Notice of infringement)

ICOP 운영 프로세스 흐름도

ICOP Management Process

  1. Online Automatic Monitoring
    1. Crawl 24 hours including vulnerable time zones
    2. Tracking, managing of the database
  2. Automatic Search of Emergency Response Works
    1. Post Information
    2. Save emergency response works into the database
  3. Infringement Notice to All-source Situation Room
    1. Tracking, management system of pirated contents
    2. Cooperate with all-source situation room
Overseas Website Monitoring
  • Support tasks such as blocking access to the infringing websites, and blocking ads to prevent further profits.
  • The unemployed youth who has good foreign language skills are employed to monitor overseas websites to collect evidences, and investigate the status of Hallyu distribution.
Investigation of distribution status in overseas website
  • Subject of investigation : Overseas websites that provide Korean-language contents in local language
  • Contents of investigation : Distribution genre form, service language, country list, server location, search path, etc.
  • Usage of the discovered information : Monthly survey data and performance reports are shared with right holders in broadcasting, music, and webtoon industry.